Zodiac Trio Good Luck Charm - 3 Compatible Zodiac Signs Bring Good Luck and Fortune

Accessorize your cell phone, car mirror, backpack or purse with this lucky charm.

Made of Cochin Ceramic.  Each piece crafted and painted by hand.

Each charm features the 3 compatible animal signs in the Chinese Zodiac. 

In the Chinese Zodiac, each of the 12 signs is most compatible with two other signs—people who are born 4 and 8 years apart. We call this the Triangle of Affinity or the Compatible Trio.

The Triangle of Affinity are:

Rat-Dragon-Monkey (performance and progress-oriented signs) 

Snake-Ox-Rooster (the most steadfast and purposeful signs)

Dog-Tiger-Horse (seek to serve humanity and promote communication and understanding)

Rabbit-Sheep-Pig (the emotionally-guided signs)


Those signs are also compatible:

Rat and Ox

Pig and Tiger

Dog and Rabbit

Rooster and Dragon

Monkey and Snake

Sheep and Horse


The Compatible-Trio charm is believed to bring people good luck.  Carry it with you or give it to your loved ones, family or friends.   


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